Rake suck ship matching Products
 Hanging bracket assembly
 Harrow suction system
 Low straight pipe
 Rotation connect pipe
 Cross-shaped joint
 High straight pipe
 Horizontal joint
 Elbow pulley
 Harrow head
 General type(Gravity type)
 Fixed turbulence model
 Initiative harrow head
 Shore to shore valve(Bow blowing device)
 Bottom door
 Overflow system
 Relevant Product of suction dredge
 Reamer frame system devices
 Variable frequency motordrive reamer gear box
 Trolley positioning move the ship device
 Rotary elbow in stern
 Arm of anchor
 Dredge pump
 Other dredge relevant product and quick-wear fittings
 Spherical joint
 Bucket-wheel assembly
 Cutter tooths
 Dredge pump impeller and other quick-wear part fittings
 Transmission shaft
 Equipped with overload protection couplings installations
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    Jiangsu SailHon machinery manufacturing Co., LTD is a professional and mufti-level expand company which mainly focus on design and manufacture dredging ship equipment and machinery industry design .Adhering to the basis on sincerity ,Client Paramount,innovation is important,harmonious win-win idea and purpose of technological innovation people first,got guidance and help of Shanghai jiaotong university design institute, hohai university, and other related professionals of experts in the field .The company pays attention to the cultivation of talents and the use of modern science and technology,our product design began in addition to the traditional design calculation using the advanced computer software modeling simulation calculation and stress analysis,from the beginning design to ensure that each component reasonable,economical and applicable. But we have a scientific and reasonable methods of management and professional talents,from product design to the finished product the whole process have scientific quality control and methods.
  The company holds every development opportunities, innovate positively, dare To Break Through ,meet the needs of customers and society continuously,Adhering to the "respect life, paying attention to health, cherish environment" environmental protection consciousness,be an enterprise citizen with a sense of social responsibility.Harmonious coexistence with cooperate customer, social people and natural environment,create social value,promoting the human life and natural environment harmonious development as their own responsibility.The company not only to create excellent service and high quality product,but more will be done to fineharmoniousworld.

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