Rake suck ship matching Products
 Hanging bracket assembly
 Harrow suction system
 Low straight pipe
 Rotation connect pipe
 Cross-shaped joint
 High straight pipe
 Horizontal joint
 Elbow pulley
 Harrow head
 General type(Gravity type)
 Fixed turbulence model
 Initiative harrow head
 Shore to shore valve(Bow blowing device)
 Bottom door
 Overflow system
 Relevant Product of suction dredge
 Reamer frame system devices
 Variable frequency motordrive reamer gear box
 Trolley positioning move the ship device
 Rotary elbow in stern
 Arm of anchor
 Dredge pump
 Other dredge relevant product and quick-wear fittings
 Spherical joint
 Bucket-wheel assembly
 Cutter tooths
 Dredge pump impeller and other quick-wear part fittings
 Transmission shaft
 Equipped with overload protection couplings installations
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Values of SailHon
  ◇ Basing on sincerity
    ♦ Honest and reliable,keep faith and worthy of trust is the base of our business
    ♦ Advocate not fearing difficulty, have the spirit of being brave to take on heavy responsibilities,unceasingly Surmount Ourselves
  ◇ Client Paramount
    ♦ Customer First,Constantly meet and exceed the expectations of our customers
    ♦ With the internal and external customer's needs first,play team cooperation and active spirit of responsibility,serve for internal and external customer together
  ◇ Innovation is important
    ♦ Treat quality as life,let the innovation to become a kind of our habits,make perfection more perfect endless
    ♦ Provide open and active, inclusive of easy atmosphere, to encourage the new concept
    ♦ Combined with the focus of phased development and requirements,actively seeking a new way of thinking, new technique and new method,advance technical progress continuously and steadily,service in the management methods of optimization and Continuous transformation
  ◇ Harmonious win-win
    ♦ According to the principle of equality cooperation and harmonious coexistence of the spirit,develop with the cooperation customer together,establish long-term strategic partnership of the win-win
    ♦ People first,Offer a fair competition career development stage,realize employees grow together with enterprise
    ♦ pay attention to healthy, protect the environment,fulfill social responsibility,Become responsible Corporate Citizens

Hope of SailHon
  Treat technology and innovation as the core,following the shipbuilding industry and dredging industry development road,make the most suitable products for customers,and is trying to do industry outstanding brand.

◆ Client
  “seek better products,service and mode of operation,to meet and exceed customer 's needs”,“Client Paramount ”is direct embodiment value of SailHon.
  To ensure that project service and the quality of the products,SailHon established the quality management system according to the international ISO9001:2000 standard . SailHon stratified establish quality management system files and quality management responsibilities, provide the basis for quality management system for the effective operation. SailHon attaches great importance to product production process management,strictly according to the quality management system files, and the demand of the customers , totally control in the engineering project of the implementing process and all the sections of the products, make the affected the project quality and the quality of products of the various factors be in control,to ensure to provide quality stable professional service and related products.Based on the of quality management system, SailHon more constantly seeking more outstanding quality,follow outstanding performance evaluation criteria,improve continuously.
  SailHon also set up information security management regulations in a certain range according to ISO/IEC27001 navigation standards ,in order to maintain security of customer's information ,ensures the information "secrecy"、“ integrality”and“usability”, more effectively guarantee the customer rights and interests,reduce the management risk of information management to SailHon at the same,ensures the continuous business and the stable service to the client .

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