Rake suck ship matching Products
 Hanging bracket assembly
 Harrow suction system
 Low straight pipe
 Rotation connect pipe
 Cross-shaped joint
 High straight pipe
 Horizontal joint
 Elbow pulley
 Harrow head
 General type(Gravity type)
 Fixed turbulence model
 Initiative harrow head
 Shore to shore valve(Bow blowing device)
 Bottom door
 Overflow system
 Relevant Product of suction dredge
 Reamer frame system devices
 Variable frequency motordrive reamer gear box
 Trolley positioning move the ship device
 Rotary elbow in stern
 Arm of anchor
 Dredge pump
 Other dredge relevant product and quick-wear fittings
 Spherical joint
 Bucket-wheel assembly
 Cutter tooths
 Dredge pump impeller and other quick-wear part fittings
 Transmission shaft
 Equipped with overload protection couplings installations
Trolley positioning move the ship device

  Trolley positioning move ship device is important equipment of suction style and bucket-wheel style dredge,combined with fixed position pile and trolley which connect to ship and support it .Mainly used for suction dredge, reamer heads fan-shaped swing, fasten center and forward of reamer heads When dredging.
Shenghang company's fixed position pile trolley ship move device system function, has the following main subsystems:
  1、trolley walk subsystem

Flexible steel pile rotating around the
horizontal axis of the buffer system

  2、Steel pile up and down subsystems
  3、Trolley horizontal limit subsystem
  4、Trolley buffer subsystem(Mainly used in large suction dredging)
  5、Backing in and stakeout subsystem
  6、Support the structure of the subsystem
Shenghang company also provide alternative auxiliary subsystem
  1、Control sensors lighting Control cable and components,distribution box and on-site operation control box
  2、Hydraulic pipe and valve group
  3、Automatic grease lubrication system
  4、Stairway and railing

Trolley positioning
move the ship device

Trolley positioning
move the ship device

Hydro-cylinder tensioner wheel rotating around the horizontal axis of  rotation buffer device

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