Rake suck ship matching Products
 Hanging bracket assembly
 Harrow suction system
 Low straight pipe
 Rotation connect pipe
 Cross-shaped joint
 High straight pipe
 Horizontal joint
 Elbow pulley
 Harrow head
 General type(Gravity type)
 Fixed turbulence model
 Initiative harrow head
 Shore to shore valve(Bow blowing device)
 Bottom door
 Overflow system
 Relevant Product of suction dredge
 Reamer frame system devices
 Variable frequency motordrive reamer gear box
 Trolley positioning move the ship device
 Rotary elbow in stern
 Arm of anchor
 Dredge pump
 Other dredge relevant product and quick-wear fittings
 Spherical joint
 Bucket-wheel assembly
 Cutter tooths
 Dredge pump impeller and other quick-wear part fittings
 Transmission shaft
 Equipped with overload protection couplings installations
Dredge pump

  Shenghang's mud pump system of dredging has high efficiency:because these mud pump system of dredging have good and stable sucking performance.Its main flow components(pump body、impeller、protect lining board in front and behind)apply high chromium high nickel alloy anti-friction and resistant to corrosion的material to ensure long service life and minimal maintenance, so the unit output accessories consumption and maintenance time decreased obviously.Our impeller and volute of dredging mud pump design is under the guidance of the related experts of their calculating theory data in Hohai University,we use CFD(computer fluid mechanics)to optimize,the dredge pump produced out can achieve the highest efficiency in working.
  Shenghang company has a complete series set of mud pump of dredging, include single hull dredge pump double wall dredge pump and high pressure dredge pump: strong design bearing pedestal of dredge pump, long and stable service life. Shenghang company can design and manufacture contains the reduction gear and integrated mud pump according to the demand of customer.

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