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 Transmission shaft
 Equipped with overload protection couplings installations
Spherical joint

Spherical joint made by Shenghang company has the following characteristics:
  1) Joint unit applies Special connection,it's convenient to set up or uninstall
  2) Joint is equipped with interchangeable inner container structure, fluid flows through inner container structure directly, spherical fray not directly.Inner container is manufactured of anti-friction material, easier to change,  and greatly improve the service lifetime of the joint at the same time
  3) Joint unit equipped with specialized hydraulic demolition tools to set up uninstall or change fittings is fast and convenient.
  4) Spherical surface used the modern high-precision numerical control machine to machine ,guarantee accurate parts to cooperate, guarantee the interchangeable parts at the same time, some parts of spherical joint can be directly replaced after damaged, without replacing the entire spherical joint unit,save more cost.
  5) The spherical adopt anticorrosion treatment technology, use reasonable seal structure,effectively improve the lifetime.
Type(Size range:φ500mm~φ1000mm)

  This ball connect type is new design, more perfect structure thanⅠtype,thus greatly reduces the weight and the shape and size, increase cover area of wear-resisting bladder, reduce the chance of wear.
  Matching pipe diameter scope500 to 1000mm,The biggest cavity pressure 40bar

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